// ANTREPO Chemicals was founded in March 2007. Our mission is to supply the ‘carbon black’ for acceptable prices and suitable conditions to Turkey market. Under changing circumstances and needs, Antrepo also provides the other chemicals demanded by its customers.

// ANTREPO Chemicals supplies the materials, which are demanded by the industries in our country, by representing the world’s expert manufacturers. Antrepo also has the right to sell some of the products in Europe, and in this way it can provide many products for acceptable prices and this leads to an increase of value for the country.

// ANTREPO Chemicals owns two 3000 square meter stores –one in Istanbul, on Asian side and one in Mersin– in order to execute the fastest delivery possible.

// ANTREPO Chemicals also supports the manufacturers, which are able to purchase great amounts, with its proforma sales.

Since 2007 //ANTREPO Chemicals has appreciated all its customers, who support its activities and act as commercial partners.

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